Let’s talk about your water bill…

Over the last few years we have really examined all our expenses as much as we could. One that I havn’t spent too much time on and most people don’t is our water bill. We’ve taken a number of steps over the years to reduce our water bill.  For 2 reasons.  1. Water costs money. and 2. Overusing water is not very environmentally friendly.  I think as a population we probably use way too much water and take it for granted. Especially since a large part of the world doesn’t have access to clean water. Continue reading “Let’s talk about your water bill…”

How to actually get a good deal on an oil change…

I would really like to learn how to eo my own oil changes.  I think I will once we reach FI and I have the time and space to do them.  For now, we still need to get our oil changed by a mechanic. As the frugal family that we are, we always try to find the best deal on an oil change. As much as a good deal on an oil change is important, the time component of getting the service is also very important.   Continue reading “How to actually get a good deal on an oil change…”

Do I Need RESPs in 2017?

In 2014 when our first child was born we opened an RESP account for them.  We contributed $140/month. When our daughter was born we doubled this amount to $280/month and made it a joint account.  The RESP program in Canada seems like a great idea because it matches up 20% of your contribution and allows the fund to grow tax free. However more and more these days, I am contemplating: do I need RESPs in 2017? Continue reading “Do I Need RESPs in 2017?”

Get more vacation days… A lot more!

A few years ago I read The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and I was inspired to find a way to work less. Ultimately it led me onto the path to FI and a big reason for where I am today.  One of the big things I changed in my life at the time was a huge career change that would help me get more vacation days.  9 WEEKS MORE!!! Continue reading “Get more vacation days… A lot more!”

Yes I know about your Walmart Credit Card!! And it’s not very good…

Like many people, we do a lot of our grocery shopping at Walmart. For us, they are the closest to our house and they are normally pretty good at price matching. They also often have the best price on many things, and our local Walmart always has a lot of discounted produce bags.   Continue reading “Yes I know about your Walmart Credit Card!! And it’s not very good…”