6 Months To Go!!

Over the last few weeks we finalized the purchase of our new home! YAY! We plan to move into this home in the new year. We also closed on our second rental property.  It’s kind of surreal to see all the pieces to our FI plan come together.  We have been hard at work analyzing our finances and planning for all the things we want to do to the house and rental properties. This led us to set a final date to quit our jobs. It will be April 27th, 2018.  Which means we are 6 months away! We are very exited. Continue reading “6 Months To Go!!”

Introducing the Vegan Budget Cooking Series

I haven’t discussed this in the blog yet but our family follows a vegan diet.  We have been for about 2 years now. We started off as vegetarians 3 years ago and gradually eliminated all animal products from our diet.  D and I have different reasons for going this route.  Today I’d like to introduce my new Vegan Budget Cooking Series but before I do, a little background on being a vegan. Continue reading “Introducing the Vegan Budget Cooking Series”

Cost of Driving: Part 1 – Financial Impact

Inspired by Mr. Money Mustache over the years, our family has incorporated biking as a big part of our lives.  We try to bike as much as we can.   The benefits are huge.  Not only do we get free exercise and enjoy the outdoors, we also save on the cost of driving.  We typically bike for any errands that are within 5 km from our house if it’s not raining or snowing.  We also try to bike the kids to daycare as many days as we can.  D also bikes to work (12km each way!) at least 2 days per week. Continue reading “Cost of Driving: Part 1 – Financial Impact”

Smart Grocery Shopping in Canada

This week I will explain how our family practices smart grocery shopping in Canada. Groceries is a major expense for all families.  For us, as outlined in our annual expenses, it was our 4th highest expense.  In FI, groceries will be our #1 expense. So it’s important to always find ways to save and make this expense items as small as possible. Continue reading “Smart Grocery Shopping in Canada”