Vegan Budget Cooking Series: Pad Thai

We have become pretty good cooks over the last few years and make some great meals.  Today I’ll share our favourite meal. Vegan Pad Thai.  This one is a regular in our meal lineup and we usually have it once a week. It’s simple to make, the kids always eat all of it (sometimes seconds) and it taste like going to a restaurant. Continue reading “Vegan Budget Cooking Series: Pad Thai”

Interesting Stuff I Learned/Found This Week: November 11

I read a lot online.  Like a lot a lot… I’m always browsing all the other early retirement and FI blogs and reading new books every month.  I also read many non finance blogs and wikipedia articles.

Anyhow, I’m going to try to post once a week, the best things I found/learned.  Continue reading “Interesting Stuff I Learned/Found This Week: November 11”

We just cancelled our life insurance

When we were expecting our first child we started to think more about our finances and ways to protect our children should the worst happen: “What if one or both of us died?” We bought life insurance.. It’s the right thing to do, or so we were told. Everyone gets life insurance, right? Well, this week we cancelled our life insurance, and I’m going to tell you why. Continue reading “We just cancelled our life insurance”

Vegan Budget Cooking Series: Avocado Pasta

Welcome to the fist recipe in our new vegan budget cooking series. This week I will share one of my families favourites.

I really don’t ever follow an exact recipe when I cook. I normally start with an idea online and then adjust the ingredients based on what I have and what is on special that week or normally really cheap. This week I made avocado pasta.  It was delicious. Continue reading “Vegan Budget Cooking Series: Avocado Pasta”