Vegan Budget Cooking Series: Pad Thai

We have become pretty good cooks over the last few years and make some great meals.  Today I’ll share our favourite meal. Vegan Pad Thai.  This one is a regular in our meal lineup and we usually have it once a week. It’s simple to make, the kids always eat all of it (sometimes seconds) and it taste like going to a restaurant. Continue reading “Vegan Budget Cooking Series: Pad Thai”

Interesting Stuff I Learned/Found This Week: November 11

I read a lot online.  Like a lot a lot… I’m always browsing all the other early retirement and FI blogs and reading new books every month.  I also read many non finance blogs and wikipedia articles.

Anyhow, I’m going to try to post once a week, the best things I found/learned.  Continue reading “Interesting Stuff I Learned/Found This Week: November 11”