The Better than Bonds Alternative

I’m constantly re examining our overall investment portfolio to make sure we keep ourselves adequately diversified. Our portfolio is composed of about 15% bonds (through Vanguard CND Bonds fund VAB.TO).  I actually dislike bonds because they are eating up potential bigger gains that we would get by being 100% in equities but I am keeping them around for now.  Maybe just for the first few years of FI and until the market doesn’t seem so overvalued as it is now. Bonds are good to have to balance your portfolio and soften the blow of a market crash but if your looking at long term investing, they don’t perform nearly as well as stocks. Continue reading “The Better than Bonds Alternative”

Exposed! Our Family’s 2017 Spending

Today I’m going to share our 2017 final family expenses.  I’m stealing this idea from the MMM blog which exposes his family expenses every year.  His annual article is always one of my favourites and really shows how little a family actually needs to live. Overall we did very well in 2017 and we did have a lot of non recurring expenses which will help lower our expenses in 2018 even more. Continue reading “Exposed! Our Family’s 2017 Spending”