Why I hate telecommunication companies

For a month now I had something on my to-do list that I was dreading.  It wasn’t scheduling a root canal or a colonoscopy.  It wasn’t doing a full 42km marathon. And it wasn’t an awkward break up with a girlfriend.  It was worse… Way worse. I had to call and cancel my Bell services… Continue reading “Why I hate telecommunication companies”

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Am I a Socialist or Capitalist? I don’t know…

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert in politics or political ideology so I may be off in some of the statements in this post.  This is mostly random thoughts on my interpretation and view of things.  

I always thought I was a capitalist and believed in all the great things capitalism does like encouraging growth, innovation, and investments.  I was also a pretty strong political fiscal conservative.  I still think I am more conservative than liberal on fiscal matters but I find myself questioning these beliefs a little more lately.  And then I question, the questioning… I know that probably doesn’t make sense. Continue reading “Am I a Socialist or Capitalist? I don’t know…”

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