The First Month of FI

Our first mont off was pretty busy. As RJ mentioned, we didn’t really feel like we were retired and still don’t. I have a ton of projects I want to do now that I am FI and here’s what I worked on during our first month.

My priority this month was preparing my garden, it was a bit early to do that when we moved (there was still snow) but as soon as the ground could be worked I got to it! Here is what it looks like now (the house in the picture is not ours):

I had to remove an old decorative fence, many small trees and lots of grass. I planted a large variety of vegetables including some I’ve never tried before so I’m excited to see the results!

During this first month off I experienced a few firsts and discovered a few things about myself. I used a table saw and a hand saw for the first time and learned how to use a drill to build this toy storage from an old dresser and was actually pretty good at it!

I attempted many projects without a model, just with an idea in my head like this kid wardrobe! I always knew I was creative but never really built anything to show for it!

I also replaced fabric on chairs, refinished our kitchen table and created a headboard and sewed it onto my bed.


As soon as the snow was gone, we took our bikes and trailers out. We biked almost 100km in our first month which means we pretty much only used the car when it rained! We still need to toughen up to rain haha. We love this little town, everything is easily accessible by bike.We bike to playgroups, the library, to visit family, to the grocery store and well, pretty much anywhere we need to go!

My goals for the next month, our last month before our 30 day camping trip, is to try to bike even more and finish my projects before we leave. I am looking forward to not having anything on my to do list for a month. I think this will be the start of us really appreciating and enjoying our freedom. We are still in the go, go, go mode where we feel like we are running out of time. On our trip, we will be completely free, with nothing on our “to do list” but enjoy the summer and beautiful places we will visit! In these last few weeks, we managed to find almost everything we were missing for the trip at local garage sales. And in preparation for the trip we are planning a 2 day “practice camping” nearby in the next month. We are super exited about this adventure!

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