So How Did the Big Move Go?

When we purchased our house in October, I had this brilliant idea that we could move all our belongings to another city 500kms away without a moving truck. We are pretty minimalist so I preferred this option rather than having to pay $400 for a 10 foot moving truck. If some of you don’t know, when you do a one way move, you can just rent a small moving truck or van; the minimum size is the 10 foot truck. I wasn’t going to pay all that money for our few things that wouldn’t even fill up half of that truck…

So every month until today we have filled up our SUV each time we went to our house. And we thought we were looking pretty good for our final trip, living on the few essential things we needed. Last night was the time to pack the car and it was so stressful! Somehow we had a bit more things that I thought. This might be because a few months ago I had gotten some nice chairs for free that were not accounted for in the original plan. I tried so hard to fit it all and was getting really frustrated. RJ came up with the idea of us leaving a few things behind with family members in Ottawa so that we could bring it another time. I’m so happy he thought of this because stubborn as I am, I wasn’t going to get a moving truck now, after all this work! In the end, we weren’t leaving that much, just a night stand, a box and a mirror! This morning was another challenge to now fit in all our air mattresses and blankets in an already packed car but thankfully we managed!

But after all this I still feel stressed out and on edge.

I realized it’s because today is our final day as prisoners…

I am on edge because I literally feel like I will have to tiptoe out of this building because they are going to try to stop me from leaving. I feel like I’m going to get caught like “wait a minute, you are too young to retire, you haven’t served your time yet, you still have 27 years to go.” I feel like I am running away and they will somehow find me and tell me that I need to keep working because that’s what is expected in society.

Until I get out of this building, into my car and tell RJ to “START THE CAR”, I don’t think I will actually grasp that I am free. We are done running, we accomplished the unaccomplishable. We have set ourselves up to not need to report to a boss every morning for another 27 years, and that is not criminal.

Now our sprinting towards achieving our goal is complete, and we can start enjoying the marathon of life!

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