Thoughts and Feelings about Quitting and Becoming FI

Hi everyone, this is D. I don’t normally write on here, but wanted to share with you how I’m feeling about being so close to FI!

So we only have 17 days of work left before we are FIRE. It’s so crazy to me, I don’t think it has actually fully sinked in yet! I have so many mixed emotions about it because I am not sure what to expect, this will be new to me; not having any unwanted obligations!

I am feeling nervous.

All of our family and [non-mustachian] friends, think we are crazy… so are we crazy? It is pretty extreme of us to both quit our jobs before we are 30 with our 2 kids right? But its not the “how will you make enough money to live” that makes me nervous. Its more the “won’t you be bored, I can’t imagine you sitting around the house all day”.

I have actually created a pretty detailed schedule for us to make sure we do not get lazy, and also so that RJ and I both have time alone to work on our passions/hobbies and that the kids are stimulated and learning. I am always way too organized! But whenever I get nervous about that I just tell myself that if ever I find that I am bored at home once the kids are both in school, I can always go back to my job, or probably just a part time job.

I am feeling excited.

I can’t wait. The possibilities will be endless with unlimited free time! I am mostly looking forward to going to bed at night not thinking “ahh, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow”, and waking up in the morning not thinking “I don’t want to go to work, do I really have to?”. Each day will be a blank canvas, a new adventure!

I am feeling overwhelmed.

As mentioned above, each day will be a blank canvas and I have a pretty detailed schedule. So why am I overwhelmed? Because I have a list of about 1,000,000 projects that I want to do. My organized self doesn’t know which one to do first, and the list keeps growing because the possibilities are endless!

I am feeling very blessed.

The reason we are doing this is to be with our kids full time. As soon as our first child was born, we couldn’t imagine having to send them to daycare and only see them a few hours a day. I am so blessed that we actually pulled this off as fast as we did so that we can still enjoy full days with our eldest before he starts school in the fall. We will also have another 2.5 years at home with our youngest before she goes to school! I will forever cherish these young precious years! I am also feeling blessed because we will get to spend a lot more time with our parents and siblings as we are moving closer to them!

I am feeling introverted.

This one is a bit weird. I have always been an introvert but I have been finding myself more introverted than before through this process. I have never really been one to voluntarily share information about myself, unless I know the people very well. I am more of a listener.

I feel like through this process there are 2 reasons why I have become more introverted, and I think this will change soon. First, I realized that I don’t really have much in common with the general population anymore and I want to be myself, without being judged. So I guess you could say that I prefer being alone with my family rather than being with people where I feel I have to be “fake”. We have also been living a double life because most people just recently found out about or plan and some still don’t know the full story (our employers). I have had to watch what I say, especially at work. So you could say that this has led me to not talk much to not divulge too much information. I think that once we are settled into our new lifetstyle, I will be free to live my true life and not have to hide anymore or watch what I say!

I am feeling adventurous.

Before we had this plan, we had always dreamed that when we retire at 50 we would travel the world, because everyone knows you can’t travel with kids right? Now that we will be FIREd, we are planning a lot of travelling, with the kids! Deciding where we will travel and for how long will be an adventure! We don’t have anything tying us down. We will have the freedom to shop around and find the best deals because time will not be a constraint!

I am feeling innovative.

I have many passions and hobbies. Now that I will have time to actually work on these, I am starting to think about which ones could also make money. I am actually very artistic for an accountant, which is uncommon. I love painting, singing, playing piano, diy projects (repurposing furniture, crocheting, décor, etc) fitness, nutrition and spreadsheets. So I have quite a few ideas for potential businesses.

Lastly, I am feeling sad.

We have now lived in Ottawa for 8 years and have made many friends along the way, including some new mustachian friends. We will miss the city but we will mostly miss the great people we have met and spent time with. The MMM Meetups just started a few months ago, so I am sad that we will no longer be able to attend these. I am sure we will see you when we come to visit Ottawa again.

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts and Feelings about Quitting and Becoming FI”

  1. Enjoyed reading about how you are feeling about your transition. Hope you can find the freedom to be yourself instead of having to live a double life. I definitely feel that way sometimes and my family is a ways off from FI. You guys are definitely an inspiration to us though, especially since you guys are moving to the north (I was raised in the NW and live in the NE now – hence my screen name). Hope your move goes well!

    1. Thanks Cass! The double life should end shortly! It’s mostly difficult because we are pretending to our employers. We can’t wait to move!

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