Air Miles Mega Miles 2018

Air Miles Mega Miles

Air Miles launched a new promotion this week called Air Miles Mega Miles similar to Shop the Block back in December.  This one is not as great as Shop the Block but I’ll show you how you can easily get 650 or 1250 Miles in the month of March.

650 Cash Miles = $68

1250 Cash Miles = $132

Air Miles Mega Miles

This promotion runs from March 8th to April 12th.  Check out this link with all the available coupons/offers eligible for the program.  If you use an offer at 3 different partners, you get 650 Miles.  If you use an offer at 5 different partners, you get 1250 Miles. Pretty straightforward.  The biggest difference between the Air Miles Mega Miles promo and the Shop the Block is that this time they are counting how many “partners” you shop/use offers at.  With Shop the Block you were able to use 3 or 4 offers at the same store.  Not this time.

I’ll outline the 3 easiest offers to get done and then 5 additional pretty simple ones in Ontario (Remember that you need to print the coupons online in a lot of cases in order to use these offers):

  1. Sign up for the Hudson Bay’s rewards program and choose to auto convert your points to Air Miles. This if free. (If you already did this during Shop the Block, you can’t do it again)
  2. Make an account with Rewarding your Opinions and complete one survey.  This is free. (again, if you’ve already done this, you can’t do it again.
  3. Fill up at Shell with at least 25L. You get 10 bonus miles for doing this which should make up the difference if Shell happens to not be the cheapest gas station on that day.

So if your new to Air Miles, you can easily get 650 miles with the above 3 without spending anything.  Here are 5 more pretty easy ones to do if you couldn’t do one of the above offers or if you want to get to 5.

  1. Buy this Red Wine at LCBO.  It’s $12.95 but you get 10 bonus miles so your net cost is $11.95.  If you’re like me and normally spend about $8 on a bottle of wine, the cost is $4. Their are other wines and liquors available as well as part of this promo.  Check out the Air Miles Mega Miles site to see them.  This was just the cheapest one.
  2. Spend $10 at a Sobey’s Pharmacy Location on non-prescription products. You get 20 bonus miles for this offer so your net cost is only $8 and hopefully you will buy things that your in need of (i.e. Tylenol, vitamins etc.). The problem is that this must be a “Sobey’s Pharmacy” location not a regular Sobey’s.  So for example in Ottawa, that would be just the Kanata and Orleans locations. Check out this link to see all of their locations.
  3. You can spend $40 at Rexall as one of the offers.  You get 40 miles for doing this and there is also an additional promo at Rexall this weekend (March 9-11) where you get a $10 gift card for spending $40 so you can take advantage of this.  Otherwise, I find Rexall’s prices way higher than everyone else so be careful on this offer and try to only stick to what is truly on special.
  4. You can spend $60 at Foodland and get 20 bonus miles.  Foodland generally has some pretty good deals so you could probably find $60 of stuff you would normally buy but their locations are not the most convenient.
  5. You can spend $20 at Jean Coutu Pharmacies.  That’s pretty easy to do but again, hard to get to a Jean Coutu. In Ottawa, it would have to be downtown or in Orleans.


So as you can see, you can get to 3 offers pretty easily. Even if you have already done some of these offers before.  You just need to gas up and buy a bottle of wine.

As was the case with the Shop the Block promo, Air Miles may make some errors when awarding the points which only happens 2 to 3 months after the promotion ends.  So keep all your receipts.  I had to chat with a representative last month to get D’s and my accounts to properly reflect the 2000 points we each earned.  They fixed it pretty fast.

They may add some more offers throughout the month.  I’m hoping we see an easy Metro offer to complete.

My goal this time around will be to get to 5 offers on D’s card and 3 on my card. I’m hoping to spending less than $10 (otherwise not spent) and earn 1900 Cash Miles ($200 value).






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2 thoughts on “Air Miles Mega Miles 2018”

  1. Hi…liked your article but Rexall Offer isn’t valid yet. Starts March 17th…so your reference to the Rexall $10 promo on Mar 9 doesn’t apply. FYI

    1. Thanks Daniel. Good catch. I hadn’t realized that.

      I did find another one that’s pretty easy to do this week. Apparently we can sign up for an IGA online account even though that’s listed as a Quebec offer. I’ve read that it does end up counting. I guess we will see.

      There’s also now a pretty easy and beneficial offer listed for Metro for 2 weekends from now where you can spend 95 miles in store (for $10) and get 50 bonus miles.

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