Why I hate telecommunication companies

cancel my Bell services

For a month now I had something on my to-do list that I was dreading.  It wasn’t scheduling a root canal or a colonoscopy.  It wasn’t doing a full 42km marathon. And it wasn’t an awkward break up with a girlfriend.  It was worse… Way worse. I had to call and cancel my Bell services…

Side note: This whole story reminded me of the Friends episode when Ross has to go quit the gym but they just make it so hard so he can never do it.  lol. Hence the feature image for the article.  

With our upcoming move soon, I shopped around and found a much cheaper internet provider in our new town. Our new address is slightly on the outskirts of a small town so we can only get DSL services.  Our internet will be a little slower but we won’t have jobs to get to and likely won’t be in much of a rush for anything so we’re not too concerned.  The upside is that there are so many independent internet providers offering super cheap DSL plans.  I signed up with Teksavvy for $30/month and no activation fees.  This is half of what I’m paying now.

Anyhow back to today’s terrible task at hand…

Do you know how many things you can now do on Bell.ca or on your MyBell account (Bell’s online account platform)?

  • You can add services including premium cable channels or even add a home phone to your services.
  • You can increase your internet package
  • You initiate and finalize all the details to arrange a cross country move of your services including a technician to come install at the new house.
  • You can even become a new Bell customer with phone, internet and cable including arranging installation, authorize a credit check (for a new mobile plan) and paying for all these fees.

All of this without calling or directly speaking to anyone…

But what if you just want to stop your services and close your account? Oh well… You can’t do that online or by sending an email…

You have to call the 1-800 number and wait in the queue.  Then you don’t get transferred to the billing or cancellation department.  You go to the retention department.  I hate this process so much and I probably come off as sounding really rude.  Here’s how it went today.

  • Bell:  Hello, thanks for calling Bell, what can I do for you?
  • Me: I’d like to cancel my Bell services
  • Bell: I’m really sorry to hear that. Let me pull up your account and see if there is anything we can do.  First, why to hell is she sorry to hear that? This all of a sudden becomes my first and only negative interaction of the day.  With a Bell employee… Second, I never asked to discuss if there was something that can be done!
  • Bell: May I ask why you are cancelling? I’m thinking “It’s none of your damn business” 
  • Me: I am moving to another town and won’t need the Bell internet service.
  • Bell: What will you do for internet? Again, I’m thinking “none of you business”, but I try to stay nice and calm. 
  • Me: I found another provider that will be much cheaper.  There is nothing that you can do to match the price.
  • Bell: Can I ask what the price and the speed is?  So I’m almost done being nice, but I say (exaggerating)
  • Me: Something super slow and for very little money and that’s all I need.
  • Bell:  Well sir, we can maybe bring down your current price to $55/month and you would still get the same speeds as now.  Can I ask you what you use the internet for?  Lower speeds won’t let you do much.  So this where I had to speed up the conversation and I will come off as rude. 
  • Me: Please just cancel my services. I don’t want to discuss my internet needs.  I already shopped around and I am absolutely not interested in staying with Bell.  I would love to just cancel this with a signed form by email or online somehow but your company forces me to call in which I don’t appreciate. Why do I have to sound like a bad guy for just asking to cancel my Bell services from a billion dollar company?
  • Bell: Well sir, we just want to make sure you are aware of all the options. Yes, I’m supposed to believe that this whole department and process to cancel was established to look out for “the clients” and not Bell’s bottom line. 
  • Me: I don’t think so. You can do anything on your website (I outline the list above) but you make me call in because you know that it’s not a fun thing to do and you want to make the process of cancellation as difficult as possible.
  • Bell: Sorry sir (her tone sounds like she’s very insulted)I will process your cancellation as soon as possible. 
  • Me: Ok Thanks.

So now I feel like an asshole for being rude and the innocent call centre rep just had a negative interaction with a customer (probably one of many) that likely affected her work satisfaction level.  So it’s a lose lose.

I can pretty much end all other services online, by email or by mail.  In the  last year, I’ve had to cancel a car insurance policy, life insurance policy, all the utility bills to our old house.  I even cancelled a mortgage (which represents way more money than an internet bill). These were all done online, by mail or email.   This is how it should be. There should be documentation when services/business relationships end.

So PLEASE Bell. Change you F&^%^ cancellation policy! Unfortunately Bell is not the only guilty ones. If anyone has ever had to cancel Rogers, you would have the same experience.

This says a lot about a company and it’s products.  If you actually have a good product or service you shouldn’t have to make the cancellation process so difficult and you shouldn’t guilt your customers into staying.  You shouldn’t also have a department dedicated to preventing people from cancelling your services.  It just sounds like a waste of money and a stupid business plan. Put that money into reducing bills or finding a way to reduce the amount of people that call

PS: Right before publishing this article I got a phone call from Bell asking me if I wanted to answer questions about the services I received today… I said I would be glad to but they would have to call me on Friday, April 13th at exactly 1:23PM and at specific number that I will provide once they send me a formal request by mail with a pre paid envelope so I can send them the number. They hung up…


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    1. Thanks for that article! That’s really cool! I really like Teksavvy. We had them years ago and were forced to go with Bell because we needed more dependable internet for work. But now that we don’t need it for work, I’m ok with a little less dependability in exchange for a much lower price and much better customer service.

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