Cool Stuff I Discovered and Learned – March 2nd

It’s been a while since I posted one of these so here goes.

AirMiles Free Movies Passes!

This seems to be a promo that AirMiles does not want to promote at all because I’ve been on their website many times and never noticed it.  I had to specifically search the link after seeing it on the back of a flyer.  Anyhow, with an AirMiles card you can get up to 6 promo codes per week to be used to purchased Family Favourites Movie Passes on the Cineplex website until May 15th. These are typically kids cartoon movies playing Saturday mornings at 11AM.  You don’t get to choose the movie but it’s free. We will probably take in a few movies in the next few months.  Here is the link.  Tomorrow, it’s Trolls.  I’m sure my kids will love it even if we only stay for 30 minutes before they want to start running around.

It also looks like AirMiles will be launching another “ShopTheBlock” type promo next week.  Same sort of idea but only needing to do 5 offers and not as lucrative on points.  Still sounds like an easy way to get points.  Check out this link and check back on March 8th where I’ll likely write a post about my strategy to tackle this promo.


The Third Industrial Revolution

This is a youtube video that was recommended to me by my brother-in-law and I thought it was really good and definately worth sharing.  It’s sort of a documentary/TED talk featuring Jeremy Rifkin who authored the book The Third Industrial Revolution.  It’s a really engaging and inspiring talk.  It really makes you think about the future and how crazy it might be.  Warning though, it it’s over 90 minutes but it very well produced so maybe consider it for your next movie night.


Camp Mustache 2018

Camp Mustache 2018 planning is in full swing and they are releasing details of new speakers every month. Last I heard, there were still 10 spots left so hurry up and reserve a spot if you’re interested.  If you want to read more about what Camp Mustache is, check out my review of last year’s camp where I had an amazing experience.

Check out the details of this years camp here:  CMC18


New Five Week Parental Leave in Canada

The government’s recent budget announced a new “use it or loose it” leave option for the second caregiver to new babies.  This is a pretty cool concept.  Essentially, as the dad or partner that doesn’t take the full maternity benefit when having a baby, you can still take 5 weeks off with an EI supplement.  Now the EI supplement isn’t huge and that will have a lot of people saying that many people will rather work.  But the financial implications aside, I think this program will foster the idea that it’s acceptable for the father or second caregiver to take time off too.  When our kids were born, D took the full 12 month leave and I asked for 5 vacation days which was easily given to me.  But this took away from my annual vacation allowance which we wanted to use for vacations ect.  I don’t know if my employer would have granted me a leave of 5 weeks just so I can spend more time with my baby.  Nor would I have wanted to ask for this.  It would probably would  have made me look like a little too “family oriented” and less “career advancement oriented”.  I know that sounds crazy.

Anyhow, I hope a lot of people take advantage of this program and then eventually it will just become a given that when you have a baby both partners are off at the beginning for at least 5 weeks with the baby.






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