The Last 3 Months

Last 3 Months

We are now into our last 3 months before we declare ourselves financially independent and quit our jobs and I am SO EXCITED!  We booked dentists, medical and optometrists appointments for the whole family and taking advantage of as many benefits as possible. We also started selling as much stuff as we can on kijiji.  I already made $200 this week selling a couple book shelves and a rocking chair.  As I mentioned before, we are trying to move the least amount of stuff possible to our new home.

We stress out a lot less over work these days knowing that we won’t be working for much longer.  However work seems harder than ever for both D. and I.  We are counting down the days to give our notice and it’s increasingly difficult to stay motivated.  We don’t hate our jobs but working in professional fields we are constantly expected to learn new guidelines, policies and systems.  When you know your leaving, it’s so hard to sacrifice memory in your brain to learn soon-to-be obsolete knowledge.

It feels very surreal to consider that we are so close. I am also approaching my 8 year anniversary of having a “career job” and living in Ottawa.  I feel like I had a very productive 8 year journey in this city and accomplished a lot.  We started this journey with a negative net worth and in 8 years we saved a net worth of over $600k. D and I also completed post graduate programs and doubled our salaries.  And if that’s not enough we also fell in love got married and we created 2 amazing human beings.

So what will the next 8 years look like… For most people, this usually entails some levelling off in career growth but still making more and more money.  Raising the kids in the hustle and bustle of regular life. Maybe upgrading to fancier cars and a bigger house.  It all seems pretty predictable.  This could have easily been our projected “next 8 years”.

But now, I have no idea what our next 8 years will look like… Instead of having fancier cars, we may have zero cars. Instead of having a bigger house, we may have no house. Instead of living in small town Northern Ontario, we may live in any part of the country or world. We may live in Ecuador, France, Thailand… We may have more children.  We may join the circus. We may start a dozen different businesses based on our passions… And that’s what make this so exciting.

I used to be able to picture what my next year, 2 years and 5 years would look like.  When I started high school and university I had visions of what the next 4 years would be and they turned out somewhat accurate.  When we moved to Ottawa, I was pretty ambitious but I would bet that my vision for the next 5 years played out pretty similarly to what actually happened (for the good).  Now, I can honestly say, I have no idea for the first time in my life and I wouldn’t want it any other way!


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  1. So close you can taste it! Exciting times for you guys ahead, thanks for the update. Hope your decluttering process and transition period goes well.

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