Cash Back Shopping

Cash Back Shopping

I have known about cash back portal websites for a while now but never really used them.  We do use apps like Checkout 51 and Flipp for cash back on small grocery purchases.  But did you know you can get significant cash back offers on pretty much everything you buy online through cash back shopping?

What is Cash Back Shopping?

Say you are going to buy something on Amazon, eBay, or You could go on that website and find a great deal and buy something to be shipped to your house.  These websites love having people come to their websites to buy their stuff so they will pay people or companies to direct or refer people to their websites.  Some of these companies discovered a great opportunity to share some of that income with the people who will end up making the purchases.

For example: If you go to one of these Cash Back Shopping websites and click on through their link, you will get up to 2.75% cash back on what you end up buying on  You don’t have to create a new account on Amazon.  You can just sign in to your account once you’re on the site (which you access through the Cash Back Shopping portal).

The Cash Back Shopping website probably gets a 3-5% referral fee of whatever you buy so they end up sharing some of that with their customers.  This is an incentive to get a lot of people shopping through their portal.

After writing a 1000 word post on how Black Friday is the worst, I succumbed to a “good deal”. Now to be fair, I actually had to buy flooring for one of our rental units that we need to renovate. And had one choice of vinyl flooring on a huge discount.  I assume this was because they were overstocked and trying to get rid of this stuff.  But this was a perfectly good floor and very practical for our rental unit so we purchased 50 boxes of it at 50% off. Also, Home Depot was offering free shipping which was a huge bonus.

So anyway, I went through the Cash Back Shopping website called Great Canadian Rebates and received 2.5% cash back on the entire purchase!! This amounted to $41 of essentially free money.

Cash Back Shopping

Canadian Cash Back Shopping Websites

Great Canadian Rebates: This has been my favourite so far.  They have so many stores and companies to shop through. They also give $50 -$75 cash back on all the most popular credit cards right now.  You can still have access to all the best rewards and sign up bonuses of the credit cards and then get a cash back offer through GCR.  Even if the credit card is free (has no annual fee)! For example, you can sign up for the MBNA Best Western Credit Card which has no annual fee and has a sign up bonus equivalent to up 2 free nights and still get a $60 cash back through GCR!

Another great offer is up to 5% cash back on most bookings through Expedia and 4% cash back through PriceLine  If you’re like me and use travel websites all the time, this is an easy way to save when booking travel.

If you make an account on GCR through this link you will be supporting this blog:  CLICK HERE

You also get $2.50 just for signing up. Another thing I like about this company is that you can either get paid through Paypal, gift cards or a cheque.

Ebates: Ebates is also a really good option and they offer cash back through cheques or Paypal.  Right now they have some really good deals on many websites including up to 6% cash back on eBay. They currently have a 4% cash back offer on Hotwire which is one of my favourite hotel booking website.

They don’t seem to have cash back offers on credit cards though.  They do offer cash back on gift cards to almost every store which is kind of cool.  So if you’re going to buy something at Canadian Tire, you could buy a gift card and get 1.5% cash back and pay for that gift card with your credit card so you still get your credit card points.

Again, if you want to sign up, you can do so through this link and support the blog: CLICK HERE

You will get $5 cash back bonus when you make your first purchase.

Do you use any other cash back shopping websites? Please share them in the comments.  And add us on Twitter!


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