Weekly Post of Amazing Deals and Cool Stuff: Nov 21

So I renamed this weekly post because I not only want to share cool/interesting stuff I found online, but also some amazing deals I found. Sorry most of the deals I find will be applicable to just Ontario or just Canada.


1 . 50 cents per jug of Tide Laundry Detergent: So P&G (click here to print it) has a coupon right now for $3 off if you buy two Tide Products (until Dec 9).  This week, No Frills (Ontario) has Tide detergent (1.09/1.18L) on sale for $1.97.  You can either take this coupon to No Frills or just price match the No Frills flyer at Walmart (that is what I did).  These jugs are currently $6.97 each at Walmart and I got the cashier to price match two of them at $1.97 and then apply my $3 coupon.  So I walked out of the store with two $6.97 jugs for $0.50 each. We are now set for the next year.

2. $0.50 for Right Guard Extreme Deodorant Sticks: You can print this coupon on Save.ca (click here to print) which gives you $1 off Right Guard deodorant sticks. There is no “limit one per customer” on these so you could print a few.  But you need to make multiple accounts on the Save.ca website.  You will need to print at least 2.  Now use these coupons to buy the Right Guard Extreme Deodorant sticks at Walmart (see here) for $2.48 each.  So now these cost you $1.48 each.  Now upload your receipt on Checkout 51 where they have a $2 cash back offer if you buy two Right Guard Extreme products. And there you go… $0.48 per deodorant stick.  Even with just the coupon or just the cash back, this is a pretty good deal. You can also just use the coupons to buy the regular Right Guard deodorants which are only $1.98 at Walmart so you can get them for $0.98 each.  I stocked up on 4…

***Hurry, this offer ends on November 22nd***

3. FLIPP Cash Back:  Not sure how new this is, but now the FLIPP app has cash back offers kind of like Checkout 51.  This is practical if you don’t want to print the P&G coupons (for the Tide deal above) or others.  They don’t however seem to let you claim a cash back on an item that a coupon was applied to (Checkout 51 still let’s you do this). They seem to have all the ongoing coupons available to be a “cash back” option which is pretty cool.  They also have some that are the same as Checkout 51 so you could technically scan your receipt on both apps and get cash backs X 2.  For example, both Checkout 51 and FLIPP have a $4 cash back on a box of Huggies  And as I mentioned earlier in my Air Miles post, Huggies are really cheap at Sobeys this week.  So you can get a good deal on them and then claim $8 cash back which brings them well under 10 cents a diaper.

  1. UserTesting.com:  I started doing some tests on USERTESTING.com.  It’s a pretty easy way to make up to $20-$30 USD per hour.  They essentially need people to test out websites for some of their customers.  You have to record your screen as you navigate a specific website and describe out loud how you are using the website and provide feedback on specific parts of the website. You generally get $10 per session and they take about 20 minutes to complete.  So far in a week I’ve qualified for 3 sessions and made $30. I’ll see if I get more offers.
  2. Mad Fientists Podcast Episode on 4% Safe Withdrawal Rate:  This episode is from a couple months ago but I found it to be really good.  Really discusses the idea of a safe withdrawal rate and how it applies to early retirees.  I always love the Mad Fientists podcasts.
  3. Choose FI Podcast Episode interviewing The Happy Philosopher: This is a great interview and introduced me to the really awesome blog of The Happy Philosopher. My favourite article of his is about minimizing called Alligators and Kittens. I highly recommend reading it.



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