6 Months To Go!!

6 months to go

Over the last few weeks we finalized the purchase of our new home! YAY! We plan to move into this home in the new year. We also closed on our second rental property.  It’s kind of surreal to see all the pieces to our FI plan come together.  We have been hard at work analyzing our finances and planning for all the things we want to do to the house and rental properties. This led us to set a final date to quit our jobs. It will be April 27th, 2018.  Which means we are 6 months away! We are very exited.

We will be giving our formal notice of leaving our jobs in March, 2018. We’ve also planned 2 weeks vacation at Christmas and another week in January so we have less than 20 weeks of work left!

Although we are still performing well in our jobs, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find motivation in what we do considering we are so close to leaving.  Also, no one we work with knows about our plans.  So when we discuss long term plans or projects, it’s very difficult to pretend like we will be there a year from now. We have considered giving a longer notice period prior to leaving however I don’t think it would be a good idea. Although, our employers will likely support and respect our decisions, it might be a difficult concept to explain and there is a chance that our last 6 months become even more difficult and awkward at work.

With 6 months to go, I have added a countdown clock on the right hand side of the website (or at the bottom on mobile). This is mostly for my own motivation.

Although we don’t plan on officially quitting and moving to our new home until April, we do plan on spending a lot of time there.  We plan to visit during our holidays and about 1-2 weekends per month. Every time we travel, we pack the car as tight as possible to make the April move easier..  We also started accumulating lots of furniture for our new home. In the last month, we purchased two used (but in excellent condition) beds, a refrigerator, a stove, a washer/dryer set, a dining set, a new train/play table for the kids, a new shower tub and a new vanity.  All these items were purchased for under $1,000 on kijiji from sellers in our future hometown.

Since our new home is a 5 hour drive away, any item that we can purchase used in our new town will save us a lot of money and trouble by avoiding to have to rent a moving truck.  We are on pace to only require a small cargo van on moving day.

So this is where we are at with regards to reaching FI. I will be periodically updating you on our plans and status as we approach the big day.

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