Yes I know about your Walmart Credit Card!! And it’s not very good…

Walmart Credit Card

Like many people, we do a lot of our grocery shopping at Walmart. For us, they are the closest to our house and they are normally pretty good at price matching. They also often have the best price on many things, and our local Walmart always has a lot of discounted produce bags.  

Now one thing sometimes makes me want to shop elsewhere… Every time I get to the cash and I am quickly trying to put all my groceries into my own bags, I get a spiel on the Walmart Credit Card. The conversation normally goes like this:

Cashier: Would you like to apply for the Walmart Credit Card today?

Me: No thanks

Cashier: You know you would get $25 right away, enough to pay for these groceries and then you get 1% cash back on all your purchases.

Me: No thanks (as I pull out my Capital One World Elite MasterCard which pays the equivalent to 2% cash back).

I know that the cashiers are forced to do this spiel every time and I feel bad for them. So I try not to react in a rude manner. But every time, it’s like they try to make me feel like I’m crazy for not wanting this Walmart Credit Card… Since I shop so much at Walmart I would probably be interested in a Walmart card of some sort which provides points and values loyalty to the store. But it’s got to at least be competitive.

It seems like every company is now offering cobranded credit cards these days. This is a lucrative market for companies as it can promote loyalty and they obviously make lots of money with these credit products.

One company that has it right is WestJet. I don’t have their credit card but I have reviewed it a few times for others. They offer $250 in WestJet dollars for signing up and then you get 1.5% of all everyday purchases in WestJet dollars. Plus they give cardholders one annual companion return flight voucher for $99.

This card builds very strong loyalty because you will likely only book flights through them but at the same time, their offer is very competitive. The card does have an annual fee of $99. However the $250 WestJet dollars you get for signing up essentially covers your first 2.5 years. 

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