Vegan Budget Cooking Series: Vegan Pizza

How can pizza be vegan? I didn’t think it was possible… I mean, you can easily take off the pepperoni but don’t you need cheese?  How can pizza be good without cheese?  The answer… Vegan, cashew cheese.  Our vegan pizza recipe is so good, I prefer it over any of the pizzas we used to order before.  Continue reading “Vegan Budget Cooking Series: Vegan Pizza”

OMG! Enough with the car dealership commercials!

So I’m supposed to be doing the “complaint free challenge” right now but this post is clearly a long form rant… Full of complaining.

I work at a desk all day and normally have the radio on as I work from home.  I hear about a dozen car dealership commercials per hour.  So I have heard them all.  As someone focused on saving money and “RATIONAL” spending, these car commercials drive me absolutely crazy! Continue reading “OMG! Enough with the car dealership commercials!”